I never win anything. ANYTHING! I have often described myself to people as just plain unlucky when it comes to winning things. No concert tickets, free t-shirts, camera gear, home decor. I enter all those Instagram “comment to enter and tag a friend” contests and never win a thing. So imagine my surprise when this year started with me taking 2nd place in the Maternity Category for NAPCP’s Image Competition back in February and now making the Top 100 with 5 of my images in the NAPCP Unity Competition! Maybe the tides are finally starting to turn….

The top 100 were determined by judges but now the competition is open to public voting and I need your help! If you want to head on over to check out the Top 100 and cast your vote just go here. I would be ever so grateful if you voted for one of mine but vote for the image that speaks to you and help someone deserving win!

These are my entries!

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