I don’t often step in front of the camera. Truth is, I just prefer to be behind it because I love to create the images! I love the look in my client’s eyes when I give them art that showcases THEM in a way they never expected. However, Covid19 left me without models other than my own children for 9 weeks and the itch to create grew strong. I challenged myself to try creating some self-portraits and figured if I was going to go for it, they should be special and unique. Little did I know that I would stumble into something I hadn’t expected….

…and that was SO MANY WOMEN reaching out to me wishing they had photos like this of themselves!

As a photographer we like thinking up all the creative elements that make for a great shot, but even I sometimes want to just be the muse. There are artists that I see creating incredible concepts and imagery and I too feel the pull to just want to be the model in their incredible ideas. I want to show up, and have them use their creativity on me while I sit back and have beautiful images created. When I took these photos I got to be both- the photographer AND the muse, but not everyone gets to wear both hats!

What if you just wanted to be the muse? What if you are not a model or influencer or have really any reason for having photos taken except that you just want to have fantastic interesting images of yourself? What if you are a regular mom/wife/employee/person who just wants to release your inner model for a day?

I have come to realize that in our adult lives there are usually very few options that are available to us if we want beautiful photos taken. If you want photos you usually have the choice of Boudoir Photos, Corporate Headshots, or a brief set of individual photos taken during your family portrait session. Am I right?!

But what if you want to be sexy but not wear lingerie? What if you want to be pampered with professional hair and makeup, but you don’t have any use for overtly sexy images you don’t feel comfortable to displaying on your wall? What if you want interesting images of yourself for no reason at all? What if you long to be an artist’s muse, even just for a few hours and then go back to your normal life?

I can’t tell you how much I love these photos of myself. It feels weird to admit that because I am usually the one encouraging clients to love their photos while I often have a hard time loving myself in photos but these…..I LOVE these pictures. They make me feel powerful and beautiful. I want everyone to feel this way. I want any woman to feel like if they want photos like this they can have them!

This year as soon as I can get back to work in the studio, I will be offering “Muse Sessions”. At first I will be booking upon request but hope to eventually host a date of back-to-back sessions much like my Foxy Lady Sessions. The basic idea is that if you want to be photographed in a fine art conceptual portrait session this is for you! Photos will be mostly beauty shots (head and shoulders). You definitely can have input into what you do and don’t want, but you are also welcome to just show up and let me do the rest! You make enough decisions in your everyday life, this is one experience you can leave to the pros.

I hope that you see this as a happy middle ground between boudoir photos and corporate head-shots. I hope to make space here for each and every woman to give themselves permission to be a model, and permission to have beautiful images taken just because. I promise, you deserve it!

Coming Soon!

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