We all need new dreams to chase from time to time. In my world, creating new art and unraveling the mysteries of different types of photography is what helps me continue to push myself creatively and keeps me growing. Being perfect is not a requirement for this business, but being willing to learn should be.

This brings us to one of my 2019 passion projects. If you’ve visited The Wild Bloom Studio on Instagram or Facebook recently you might have noticed an increase in sharing of portrait photography and a lot of talk about this “100 Faces Project”. Here’s some information about this passion project of mine…

The idea originated from my love of old oil paintings. I’ve always loved how certain artists of the past were able to create portraits that seem to capture the subject’s personality and soul in a piece of art. The idea of being able to attempt that same effect with my camera is exciting and inspiring for me.

The goals of this project are:

Develop and Strengthen My Portrait Style
This project will give me more opportunities to develop my portrait style and practice studio lighting on a variety of faces so I can hone my skills. Every face is different and there are so many nuances of how to create interesting and flattering light for everyone. I am excited about creating cutom lighting and portraits for each and every participant.

Promote Diversity
I am hoping to focus on and promote diversity by inviting anyone to join in this project. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to have a portrait like this of themselves at least once in their lifetime.

Share the Impact
At the end of the year I hope to write an article sharing my experiences with this project and it’s impact on my business and my abilities, as well as the impact of experiences shared by my clients who participate. Not only is this project about portraiture, but also about the stories behind the faces and if you participate I hope you would be willing to share some of your stories with me.

Want to be part of the project?

In order to participate you are required to sign a model release allowing me to utilize the photos taken. I invite people of all gender, ethnicity, and ages over the age of 16 to participate. I especially would love to photograph those people who have never had a portrait taken.

The sitting is completely free and you are in no way obligated to purchase any photos. After your session I will send you proofs of the best images from your session, you will be welcome to purchase prints a la carte or the high resolution digital images for a fee.

If you are interested in signing up for a spot please grab a time that works for you on the schedule here: https://calendly.com/wildbloomstudio/30min

Thanks again for your interest and I hope you will join me!

***Please note that when I have reached the 100 mark I will still continue to offer these types of sessions in the future. Ask me for pricing!

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