Somehow, despite all the hard things that have happened in the recent years in our country….

Despite all the tragedy, the crazy politics, the state of the government, and hard conditions for so many people in the world… I still have hope.

Maybe that is naive. Maybe I am just a wide-eyed optimist. Maybe I don’t want to face it all.

But I look at my kids, I listen to their ideas and thoughts and the way they view the world and I know that while I cannot change a lot of things in the country I live in…. I can give the world these 3 women with strong ideas and knowledge and insights that might make a difference.

It’s not everything. It won’t change the world in the next 5 minutes, or 5 days, or 5 years. It feels small, but it’s not. We are all powerful and we all have that opportunity to change the world through these tiny people. Through small things, big things are accomplished.

“Every generation inherits a world it never made; and, as it does so, it automatically becomes the trustee of that world for those who come after. In due course, each generation makes its own accounting to its children.”
-Robert Kennedy

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