So much sadness seems to fill the air lately. It’s hard to avoid the photos of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the most recent Northern California fires. In addition to all of the horrifying natural disasters there are the devastating man made horrors, such as the Las Vegas shooting. It is impossible to escape the heartache. Something as simple as scrolling through your social media feed has turned into a sad and uncomfortable experience to dread… except for the tiny glimpses from time to time into the joy, and fellowship that still exists in the world. The photos and stories that remind us daily that life is still beautiful despite terrible circumstances.

Over the last couple months we’ve been working on something at The Wild Bloom Studio. After several drafts of how to introduce it, and trying to fine tune all the details, it’s time to stop worrying about the perfect words. We want to get this out there, and we don’t want to waste any more time or allow for another disaster to hit. We introduce to you, The Wild Bloom Project.

In an effort to give back and add a sliver of positivity out there, we are gifting photography sessions this fall. While this is not the first time that business owner, Meghan MacAskill, will be gifting a photography session, it is the goal of The Wild Bloom Studio to go bigger. We want to be able to reach more people and open up the opportunity to a greater audience.  We are placing no limits on the amount of sessions we will gift- only that we want to give the gift of photos to those who are truly in need. We are asking that if you know anybody at all in the San Francisco Bay Area that would benefit from a gifted photography session that you share their story with us. This can be anybody you know that has had financial difficulties, illness, loss of loved ones, home displacement, or anybody that has had more than their fair share of negativity. If you feel comfortable sharing your own story and feel that you would benefit from this photography session please feel free to do so! To share a story please email us at

Please share this post on your social media feed, tell your friends and family about it, and help us spread the word. Help us give back a little bit of happiness and bring the gift of memories to someone out there this Holiday Season.


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